Telebrasil VoD

See what has happened in the Telebrasil 2020 Panel

Opening and Panel 1

Special Session 1: Tax reform and connectivity

Workshop 2: The challenge of digitizing governments and public services

Workshop Presentations 2

Workshop 3: Secure Internet, 5G network security

Workshop Presentations 3

Panel 2: a world transformed with the pandemic

Special Session 2: Connecting Vertical Markets: Opportunities with IOT and 5G

Workshop 4: Cloud and AI: reality and challenges to the telecom market

Workshop 5: Brazil connected by fiber

Workshop 6: The application of the new Telecommunications Legal Framework

Panel 3: Economic policy of the pandemic and the telecom sector

Regulatory dialogues: the regulator's challenge with 5G

Special Session 3: The 5G auction model in Brazil

Workshop 7: The future of the satellite market

Workshop 8: Connected Education: What We Learned from the Pandemic

Workshop 9: Women in Telecommunications

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