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Current Scenario

A new global reality was inaugurated in 2020. Coping with the new coronavirus pandemic imposed radical changes in routine, production, consumption and, above all, in the form of interaction among people. In this context, connectivity has gained even more relevance as a tool for socioeconomic integration, leading a strong modernization movement that has reached multiple proportions.

As of the last year, the numerous mechanisms and solutions for social distancing have materialized trends and accelerated the digitalization of society, so that hitherto little-known topics, such as telemedicine, industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT) have gained wide repercussion, revealing the importance of the telecommunications industry for economic and social development.

At different speeds, the effects of the digital economy are increasingly being seen worldwide, reducing distances, automating processes and renewing the concept of globalization. However, if, on the one hand, the innovations produced so far confirm a new global dynamic, on the other, it is necessary to bear in mind that access to connectivity still represents one of the main challenges for digital transformation.

In the case of Brazil, despite recent advances, issues related to the regulatory environment, the tax burden and antenna infrastructure, for example, compromise the competitiveness of telecommunications, delaying projects and investments that favor the connectivity of the Brazilian population.

In this context, the Painel Telebrasil 2021 take a close look at the digitalization of society, the challenges facing the Telecom industry and the prospects for the country's macroeconomic scenario.

A new vision,
a new brand

The Painel Telebrasil 2021 modernized its identity and gained a new logo, more modern and aligned with the identity of the telecommunications industry. The goal is to represent the essentiality of the industry, connecting it to the permanent digitalization movement of society, where innovation and connectivity have become fundamental in people's lives. Together with our sponsors and supporters, we help to better connect, at a faster pace, hundreds of millions of Brazilians, in addition to connecting Brazil with the future.

Event Overview

The main meeting of the telecommunications industry, the Painel Telebrasil has historically aimed to offer an updated view of its institutional agenda and to promote dialogue between public and private actors, addressing trends and perspectives that influence the market competitiveness.  
Adding 65 editions already made, the event is the biggest stage of debates on digital transformation in Brazil. Organized by Conexis Brasil Digital, the employers' union that brings together telecommunications carriers, and held by Telebrasil – The Brazilian Telecommunications Association, the event traditionally brings together leaders who are dedicated to the challenges of connectivity. The goal is to provide content and information that consolidate the perception of the industry's relevance to the country's economic and social development.

Event Format

The Painel Telebrasil 2021, repeating the success of the previous edition, offered participants a completely online format, maintaining the digital structure that boosted its reach, accounting for more than 25 thousand accesses.
As a novelty, in 2021, the event broadcast featured 3D technology, allowing an unprecedented virtual experience. On September 14, 21 and 28, the Painel Telebrasil presented a solid script of debates and presentations, led by business leaders, opinion makers, government authorities, international speakers, as well as representatives of civil society.

Innovations of the last edition

  • Complete technological setup.
    Website, registration, recording studio and transmission technology concentrated on the same platform, with integration to social networks, preventing technical glitches.
  • Inclusion of new marketing tools.
    Assurance of greater captivation and engagement of new audiences (referral marketing).
  • Interactive stage.
    3D background panel and virtual set design.
  • Cooperation with CONIF (National Council for Institutions of the Federal Education Network of Prof., Scient. and Technological Institutions).
    Possibility of partnership for human capital development initiatives and expansion of the target audience.


and execution